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If you’ve been late on your mortgage and have received a Notice of Default (NOD), it’s not too late to stop the foreclosure proceedings, but time is running out. Although a short sale might not be right for everyone,  for the vast majority in this situation, the most favorable option is to short sell the home. A short sale is a  transaction in which the bank lets the delinquent homeowner sell the home for less than what's owed, and our job as Short Sale Specialist’s is to negotiate a deficiency waiver for you, in writing from the bank, so the bank will not attempt to collect the outstanding balance that is due. This article will explain the benefits of a short sale and the proceedings that follow.

If you've received a Notice of Trustee's Sale (NOS) and there is a Auction Date Scheduled, please immediately look into our 

"Quiet Sale Program" 

What does it cost?

The simple answer is that it cost's you nothing. When we successfully negotiate a Short Sale, the Lender will  pay us so you do not have to. In 99% of all short sale's we have converted, there is no further financial obligation from our clients.  We will work and represent you for FREE, with no added commissions ever. 


Do you owe as much or more than what your home is worth?

Are you unable to make your monthly mortgage payment? 

Have you experienced a financial hardship?

  •  Family Illness or Injury
  •  Job loss or significant income loss
  •  Divorce or split of domestic partners
  •  Death of Spouse
  •  Adjustment in mortgage payment or unforeseen increase in living expenses.

If you've answered yes to these questions, then you are most likely eligible for a Short Sale.

We do all the work

We have successfully negotiated numerous short sale's and effectively stopped foreclosure for homeowners and families that were facing the same challenges as you are today. Our first priority is to negotiate with the lender to STOP the foreclosure proceedings ASAP and begin the initial steps towards a a Short Sale.  We manage all your paperwork, look out for you interests daily and BluePrint Realty will help sell your home. Let our experience and expertise help you along the way.  Our team of  contracted attorneys,CPA's, Lenders and Short Sale Specialists, are here to help during every step of the way during the negotiation period. 

Benefits for You

Going into foreclosure can be a difficult time, but once we start the negotiation process of a Short Sale the immediate impact is that the foreclosure process stops. Even though you have experienced a hardship, you still are in a position to take advantage of these opportunities and start planning and saving for a fresh start. 

  • Buy yourself some time - Once you contact us and have made the decision to Short Sell, you have bought yourself time. A typical short sale is 3 to 6 months, while some even take a year or more. It's an opportunity to  save money.
  • Save your Credit - You still have a chance to save your Credit. A successful Short Sale will lessen the damage to your credit and lower your time frame (Short Sale - 3 years vs Foreclosure - 7 Years) to build up your credit or to purchase a new home. 
  • Live Rent Free - The process of a Short Sale is typically much longer then a traditional sale, which means during negotiations you can live rent free and free from hassle. 
  • Relocation Money - Most of our clients receive up to 3K in relocation money at the time of a completed Short Sale.

It's Time to Make a Decision

This is not a problem you want to ignore. You still have options. You still have time to STOP the Foreclosure Process, so the sooner you contact us the better chance of success we'll have in preventing a foreclosure. We understand every situation is unique and we have a team of experts that are here and ready to help you figure out the best solution for your circumstance.  99% of our clients receive a deficiency waiver from the lender after the Short Sale. This means you can walk away and have no future financial obligations to worry about. 

Let Us Help You

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